35 Spline Dana 60 Front Conversion Parts

Make your front Dana 60 even stronger.

4340 alloy 35 spline stub axles. We had problems with deforming stock axleshaft ears, and now we've got the solution.

Yukon Axle 4340 stub shafts, $140 each. Available for GM, Dodge, and Ford kingpin Dana 60's.
Alloy USA dual heat treated 4340 stub shafts, $150 each. Available for GM, Dodge, and Ford kingpin Dana 60's.

Machined for full-circle snap rings too.

Stock Dana 60 front axles typically come equipped with 35 spline inner axleshafts--hence the typical reference to "35sp side gear" in most locker setups.

Unfortunately, Dana matched the impressive strength of the 35 spline inner axle, to a 30 spline (same as a Dana 44!) outer stub axle.

Knowing that this is a weak link, we at Rockstomper have sourced 35 spline outer stub axles, and the parts to go with them, to keep your Dana 60 front end strong, all the way to the wheels.

Custom length Dana 60 inner 4340 chromoly axles also available:
Yukon Axle 4340 short (22" or shorter): $235 each
Yukon Axle 4340 long (38" or shorter): $250 each
Yukon Axle inner and outer kit, 35 spline: $765

Alloy USA 4340 short (22" or shorter): $265 each
Alloy USA 4340 long (39" or shorter): $315 each
Alloy USA inner and outer kit, 35 spline: $880

Order a complete axle kit and CTM joints, and we'll ship it assembled so all you have to do is put it in.
CTM Dana 60 joints: $322 each

Need to turn tighter?
High steering angle yoke clearancing available.
Alloy USA axles will accomodate up to approximately 38 degrees in standard configuration.
We at Rockstomper have developed a machining process to increase steering angle clearance on Alloy USA axles to approximately 43 degrees.
Yoke clearancing, $50 per axleshaft ($200 for a complete front axle assembly, inners and outers)
Not recommended for use with stock axles or U-joints.

35 spline Spicer stub shafts for GM/Dodge, $100 each. (p/n D3-82-871)

35 spline Warn Premium locking hubs, $225 a pair. (p/n W38786)

35 spline Warn drive plate kit, $250 a pair. (p/n W39346)

35 spline Dana drive plates (full-time hub equivalent for ultimate strength!), $190 a pair. (p/n D620861)
Note: Dana drive plates do not include drive plate accessories such as dust covers, springs, or snap rings.

New Dana 60 1480 steering U-joints, $80 each. (p/n D5-806X-non-greaseable) (p/n D5-733X-greasable)

Other Dana 60 strength and maintainance components:

Chevy/Dodge spindle, $195 each. (p/n D700013)

Ford spindle, $195 each. (p/n D700022)
Ford spindle, $195 each. (p/n 708085) (92-98)

Inner 35 spline axle, 15.96" $175 each. (p/n D660182-1)

Inner 35 spline axle, 34.56" $175 each. (p/n D660182-10) (Ford F350 SnowFighter)

Inner 35 spline axle, 18.7" $165 each. (p/n D660182-11) (Ford F350 SnowFighter)

Inner 35 spline axle, 36.68" $196 each. (p/n D660182-36) (85-88 F350)

Inner 35 spline axle, 17.67" $165 each. (p/n D660182-5) (GM)

Inner 35 spline axle, 35.1" $170 each. (p/n D660182-6) (GM)

Inner 35 spline axle, 16.17" $195 (p/n D76660-1X)

Inner 35 spline axle, 36.97" $180 (p/n D76660-2X)

Lower kingpin cap assembly, $50. (p/n D37299)

Full kingpin rebuild kit (per side--includes upper kingpin, bushing, seals, bearing, spring, cap), $60 each. (p/n D706395-RX)

Dana/Ford thick cover, $20. (p/n D707233X)

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