GM Master to Toyota Booster Swap Kit

The master cylinder you'll need to stop bigger brakes.

Swapped on rear disc brakes? Maybe a Dana 44 or Dana 60 front axle? Got a really low pedal in your Toyota? Here's the fix!

We started with a Toyota minitruck booster--a good, reliable power booster, but when you put bigger brakes on a minitruck, the master itself just doesn't move enough fluid.

We looked at some of the other master cylinder swap options. There are plenty out there--V6 truck, turbo truck, FJ, etc., but none were up to the task of fullsize truck brakes, especially not fullsize truck four-wheel-disc brakes.

So we looked to the fullsize truck itself--and with a little adapter work, we planted the master cylinder off of a one-ton 4WD GM truck, onto the Toyota booster. A fullsize truck master, to stop fullsize truck brakes, with oversize wheels and tires. And a direct bolt-on onto the Toyota booster, with our adapter.

Fits Toyota minitruck, 4Runner, most Land Cruisers with power brakes, etc.

Includes master cylinder, adapter assembly, and bolts. Plumbing adapters are required, and are not included. This product will require some replumbing work to the brake system.

Because the GM master cover does not have a float switch, this part disables the brakefluid-level warning light.

Complete assembly, $95 plus shipping. Includes master, CNC-cut adapter plate assembly, and bolts.

Not sold without master cylinder.

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