Rockstomper High Clearance Steering

Get your tie rod up out of the rocks.

Offset Dana 60 high steer arms.

Clears HMMWV wheels without recentering. Same price as regular Dana 60 kingpin high steer arms.
Note: HMMWV wheels are NOT the same thing as Hummer H2 wheels. Offset arms are typically not needed to clear H2 wheels.
HMMWV wheels have approximately 7" backspacing, are 16.5x8.25, and are steel. The large backspacing is what necessitates the offset. Hummer H2 wheels do not have such large backspacing.

We also have HMMWV-wheel-offset Dana 44 single and double ended arms available. Please call for more information.

We have high steering arms available for Dana 44 and kingpin Dana 60 axles.

Dana 44 flat-top knuckle arms. Left and right sides available.

Dana 60 kingpin arms. Left and right sides available--usually interchangeable.

Single-ended high steer arms are $200 a pair, or $100 each, and we can drill or taper them to fit your needs. Pitman arms vary by application in availability and price.

Double steering arms--for that tough to fit ram assist system, to solve tierod to pitman arm interference issues, to get your tierod way out of the way of the rocks, or whatever else you can dream up to do with them.

Double-ended Dana 44 arms.
Some clearance grinding is required for fitment--double Dana 44 arms are $260 per pair (sold in pairs only) plus shipping.
1" spacer may be required for brake caliper clearance, available separately for $25 each.
New longer studs may be required; we strongly recommend Spidertrax 5/8" Dana 44 stud kit, available separately for $35 per kit (each kit includes three studs, nuts, and cones).

Also available in HMMWV-wheel-adjusted style, $295 per pair.

Dana 60 double arms. $175 each.

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