Rockstomper Ram Assist Steering

More power from your power steering.

This product DOES NOT come with a diagram of where to drill and tap your power steering gearbox.
This product DOES NOT come with instructions.
This product requires additional modifications which may require professional assistance.

Please read additional notes and information on this page.

We offer two varieties of our ram assist kits.

Our most popular ram assist kit uses a 1.5" bore cylinder. This provides significantly increased power to turn larger tires, especially off road and while working against a front locker.
This kit is recommended for the four-wheeler who needs additional power but prefers to keep the steering system fairly responsive for street driving.

One 1.5" bore specially modified welded cylinder
Two 1/4" industrial hydraulic hoses
Four weld-on mounting tabs
Two mounting bolts with Nylock nuts
Assorted fittings for connecting the lines to the cylinder and steering box
$225 plus shipping.

Our off-road-only super-power kit.

Because of the slower steering response of the larger bore 2" cylinder, we recommend this kit for vehicles which are not street driven and/or have 44" and larger tires, and who require substantially more power than a standard power steering system can provide.

One 2" bore specially modified industrial tie-rod cylinder
Two 1/4" industrial hydraulic hoses
Two weld-on mounting plates (one shown)
Assorted fittings for connecting lines to steering box and cylinder
$180 plus shipping.

Both kits use NPTF fittings.

NPT threadseal fittings require the use of Teflon tape or similar thread sealant. The use of thread sealant on NPTF taperseal fittings is not recommended as it tends to create leaks.

Please note: Machine work to your steering box is necessary. Welding is also required for installation. We do not make a bolt-on or clamp-on installation kit for this system. Please inquire about the modifications needed to your steering box prior to ordering a ram assist kit.

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