Rockstomper Beadlocks

No more tires squeezed off the rim.

Mud rings (wide flange outer lock rings) now available for 15" wheels only. Compare to our standard outer lock rings--the inside diameter is reduced to help keep trail hazards from damaging your valves, scraping hubs, and similar.

At the time of order, please specify if you would like nutserts (threaded inserts that pop like a pop-rivet into the inner lock rings) or Nylock nuts with your beadlocks. Nylock nuts will require two wrenches during tire install, but will never vibrate loose, plus they cost less. Nutserts are easier to work with during tire installation, but are more expensive and more difficult to install.

15" hex-head-bolt beadlock kit, with Nylock nuts. are $80 per kit.

Rockstomper beadlocks start at $80 per lock kit, require welding for installation, and are simply designed to be the best and strongest beadlocks on the market.

One lock kit contains enough parts to beadlock one wheel; order four kits for a complete set of all four wheels.

We start with two 1/4" thick lock rings for maximum strength and durability. 32 bolts, 3/8" attach the outer ring to the inner, for maximum clamping ability.

A few words about leaks:
Most beadlock wheels use a reduced diameter inner weld ring to bolt the outer lock ring onto. The tire is clamped between these two rings, which is what prevents it from slipping on the wheel.
Rather than seating and sealing against the outside of the bead seat (a seat area of roughly 34 square inches), most lock setups seat and seal on the inner ring instead. Typical seating area there, with an inner ring diameter of around 15 5/8 inches, is about 15 square inches. This smaller lock ring diameter makes it a little easier to put the tires on and take them off--but with half the surface area to seal, leaks are common.
Our beadlocks use a full diameter inner ring. That means we use the full 34 square inches of sealing area--more seated tire, translates directly into less leakage. It does also mean that it'll be just as much work to put on the inner bead with our beadlocks, as it is on a normal wheel--no "drop-on" mounting, but we feel that a leak-free beadlock wheel, is well worth a little extra work once in a while. This design has let us leave tires, untouched, for months at a time, without air leaks.

Some information on strength:
Beadlock strength depends on two things: the material the locks are made out of, and the bolts that hold them together. Compare our strength to anything else on the market.

Our 32 3/8" bolts are 28% stronger than competitors' 36x5/16" bolt locks.
They're 92% stronger than competitors' 24x5/16" bolt locks.
100% stronger than 16x3/8" bolt locks.
And 155% stronger than 18x5/16" bolt locks.
Compare our 1/4" thick plate steel rings to anybody else's--they're simply burly parts.
These beadlocks were designed for rockcrawling--we won't pass off lightweight racecar stuff as rockcrawler gear.

Available for steel wheels only.

Button head cap screws available for $10 extra per lock kit.

Countersunk flat head cap screws available for $30 extra per lock kit.
Countersunk beadlock kits come pre-countersunk for the flat head screws.

Our beadlocks are designed to weld onto the outside lip of the wheel, meaning that you may not need to cut the outer bead seat area off of your wheels to install them. This type of installation widens the wheel by approximately 1.5-2"--really handy for making a cheapie wheel into a nice useful wide one. Turns 15x8's into 15x10's, 15x10's into 15x12's, etc.

Normally, the tire would seat on the existing bead seat. With the Rockstomper beadlocks installed, the inner edge of the bead seals against the inner lock ring, and the outer edge of the bead, against the outer lock ring. The two are clamped together, retaining the bead and keeping it from spinning on the wheel or pushing off.

Because machining of the wheel is not necessary for installation, Rockstomper beadlocks can be installed by any certified welder--since the welds need to be airtight, we strongly recommend that they be MIG or TIG welded.

Add $30 per lock kit for nutserts instead of Nylock nuts.
Add $10 per lock kit for button head bolts.
Add $30 per lock kit for countersunk bolts.

Other sizes of beadlocks are available, too!
16", 16.1", or 16.5" beadlock kits start at $90 per kit with hex head bolts and Nylock nuts.
17" you-weld-it beadlock kits are $100 per kit with hex head bolts and Nylock nuts.
Having problems with spun wheels inside your tires on agricultural, industrial, or earthmoving equipment? We can help. Just call us to discuss your specific needs--if it takes a custom beadlock to do what you need, we're your source for advice, ideas, and super-durable parts.

Each beadlock kit supplies enough parts to beadlock one wheel; order four beadlock kits to lock four wheels, or five if you'd like a matching beadlock spare.
Torque spec for beadlock bolts is recommended at 5-10 ft-lb and maximum 20 ft-lb. Overtorquing our beadlocks will cause the outer ring to "cone" inward slightly. Torqued to 10 ft-lb, we have had excellent sealing, bead retention, and durability. Lockring coning has no effect on durability whatsoever--it is cosmetic only.
We recommend torquing bolts to 10 ft-lb only.

We recommend that beadlock wheels not be inflated above 20psi.

Beadlocks require that the tire be mounted over the outer bead. On certain brands and sizes of reversed wheels, combined with certain brands and sizes of tires, this can be difficult; some may not be mountable in this manner at all. Please verify that your wheels are mountable in this manner prior to welding beadlocks onto them. Installed beadlocks cannot be returned under any circumstances.

We have seen some outer ring "coning" with certain brands or models of tire more than others. Because of the number of bolts used, and the relatively low load on each of the bolts individually, this has not been a structural problem--only of appearance, on close inspection.

Due to rising costs of compliance with EPA and OSHA regulations, we can only offer our beadlocks in unpainted steel.

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